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please vote for me in this contest!

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Apr. 17th, 2012 | 08:33 pm

Hey livejournalers, long time no see! I hope you've been well, it's been so long ;_; i mostly haunt tumblr and twitter these days if you've been wondering where i went.

Anyways, I wanted to ask you all of a favor... if you have facebook, could you please vote for my dress? I designed a 60s inspired frock for a contest, and i made it to the top 25! Top 3 voted entries will get MADE into dresses and sold on modcloth.com. Winners also get sent a sample of the garment they designed as well as a cash prize! Super exciting!

You can head on over here to vote! :)

Actually, I got two dresses into the finals, but for the sake of making the most of our votes, I ask that you vote for the lilac shirtdress with the heart pocket. :) Thank you so much, my dears! You can vote 1x per 24 hours, so please be sure to vote again all this week! I will probably make more posts this week just as a reminder. :)

PS. Tell me what you've been up to lately! I have no idea :[ I miss you all!

PPS. Did I mention I moved to Mississippi?? Lol!

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